Outsourced software development: The CEOs guide

17th October 2022

As a business leader, you’ll know how important it is to stay ahead of the competition. Operational efficiencies can be a made and customers better served through technology, but that takes software development. Outsourcing software development to a specialist team can offer CEOs the opportunity to carry out digital transformations or enter new markets with less risk. All the while saving time, money and freeing up your internal resource. Here is our guide for the CEO looking to innovate their business fast.

Outsourcing vs using your own IT team 

The first question business directors will ask before outsourcing any IT project is why can’t I use my current team? After all they’re employed by the company and we don’t need to enter new service agreements with third party providers. 

However, we’re not considering your software development project and the skills needed to deliver success. Modern IT teams have responsibilities across the whole business operation, making them short on time to fully commit to development projects. With outsourcing you can allow your internal resource to focus on the day to day IT operation and more strategic work for senior team members. 

Grow faster with agile software development

Many outsourced software development teams work towards an agile project management methodology, but what does agile really mean and what are the benefits to a business? 

Agile is founded on the principles of the Agile Manifesto. Where individuals, collaboration and responding to change are the priority over following rigid processes and plans. As a result, projects are able to respond better to change, plus they have a greater emphasis on your business and its customers’ requirements through project collaboration. 

By working in an agile approach, development teams are likely to deliver value faster, with greater quality and predictability, and a far greater aptitude to respond to change.

Tech experts to help scale your business 

As covered previously your existing team might have their hands full with maintaining the operation of your business. Therefore, they are unlikely to spot opportunities to utilise new technologies and integrate them into your digital proposition. What your business needs to stay ahead of its competitors is access to specialists that offer more than just new skill sets, but experts that can guide you through new technologies aimed at delivering greater efficiencies and reduce costs.

Outsourcing integrates with your existing teams

A common misunderstanding CEOs have with outsourcing your software development is how the specialist team works with your own IT team. Remember, one of the fundamental principles of agile software development is to collaborate. So rather than existing in an untouchable silo away from the rest of your organisation, you will find the best outsourcing development teams integrating with your internal resource and involving them throughout the project. This collaborative approach results in projects that are more aligned with your businesses internal processes and your customers.

Outsourced development can reduce risk

Whether it’s a digital transformation project or your business is aiming to enter a new market, risk will play a major factor in the CEOs mind. As more time and resource is allocated the greater the concern that the project may not pay off in the long term.

Rather than making expensive recruitment moves and hiring full-time specialists in house, outsourced software teams offer your business a scalable solution that can be added to or reduced when your project needs it most.

Looking to grow faster? Speak to us

Every CEO is looking to lead their business to new heights and success, but it’s a challenging landscape that requires an ever-growing digital focus. We are experts in outsourced software development with access to over 1,500 talented software developers. If you are looking to develop new solutions for your business at lower costs and less risk, contact us. 

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